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As the “mask” of the engine, the air filter filtrates the gas to enter the engine, then the impurities and dust will be separated on the filter element. Therefore, the filter element will be very dirty over months, that will affect the function. So the air filter should be replaced after the mileage, to ensure the normal use, otherwise it will damage the engine, that will be more troublesome.

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If the air filter is full of dirt, it will hinder the circulation of the air, and then reduce the intake of the engine, further more, it will cause the engine power to drop down, so if you don’t change the air filter for a long time, you can feel that your car is not in good condition, once the engine stir up, it will like just suffered with “asthma”, it can’t work efficiently, so the fuel consumption will increase greatly. In addition, too dirty will reduce the effect of filtration, the air entering the engine may carry small sand and impurities, and these small things will cause wear and damage to the cylinder wall, piston, piston ring and valve.

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In order to sustain the servicing life of the engine, it is necessary to replace the air filter in time. Under normal circumstances, the air filter will be replaced during vehicle maintenance, and the cycle is about 10,000 kilometers or 6 months. The maintenance cycle is not invariable, it highly depends on the model and the environment in which it is used. Generally speaking, the north is more dusty and granules than the south in China, and the dust in the northwest is more. The owners of the north may need to check the filter element during each maintenance. In some wet and clean cities, the replacement cycle can be extended appropriately.

When choosing air filtration, we try to choose a more reliable brand .In addition, try to choose the official channel when purchasing. After all, there are too many fakes in auto parts.

ATMEN air filter

ATMEN Air Filter can effectively filtrates various particulates in different road conditions. The ATMEN filter has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency and strong mechanical stability. It can filter out even tiny particles in the air intake, whether it is dust, pollen, sand, carbon black or water droplets. This promotes full fuel combustion and ensures stable engine performance.


Atmen air filter

Filter blockage can affect engine’s intake, lead to insufficient fuel combustion, and some fuel is discarded without utilization, so in order to ensure engine performance, the air filter should be checked regularly. One advantage of the ATMEN air filter is the high dust holding capacity, which ensures good reliability of the air filter throughout the maintenance cycle.

For a variety of applications, ATMEN air filters are available in hundreds of different designs and sizes.

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