Thirteen Mistakes In Using Car Cabin Filter

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Mistake 1: I have cleaned the car air conditioner or did sterilization inside the car, it is ok not to change the car cabin filter!

After cleaning the air conditioner or doing sterilization in the car, the aerosol will be still inhaled into the cabin filter when the car air conditioner is started again, therefore it becomes another source of pollution. It is recommended that no matter the cabin filter appearance is clean or not, must be replaced.

Mistake 2: Cabin filter is not important, it does not matter whether to change!

Car cabin filters are vital to the health of drivers and passengers! While protecting the accessories of car cabin filter systems, the most important role of cabin filters is to protect the safety of air quality and transport them in the car all the time. The purified air ensures the cleanliness of the air in the cabin and protects the breathing health of the divers! Especially vehicles that often carry children and pregnant women are needed to replace healthier cabin filters.

Mistake 3: The cabin filter can be changed once a year!

The service life of car cabin filters is directly related to the quality of the filters and the environment in which they are used. Just like wearing a mask for our cars, in that way, when will you change it? It is recommended when the air conditioner has an odor and comes out of the air outlet, it must be removed and inspected every routine maintenance. If the appearance is dirty, replace it! After all, no one wants to wear a dirty mask to run outside, since human health is extremely important.

Mistake 4: The air quality of the route I pass every day is very good, the cabin filter does not need to be changed!

Wheel wear particles, PM2.5, the other floating dust and car exhaust will exist for a long time at a height of 1.5 meters on the highway, and these are harmful substances that we cannot see with eyes. The cabin filter can block these substances from entering the car from the source, it is vital to the health of the driver and passengers! Therefore it is not only necessary to change, but also a healthier cabin filter.

Mistake 5: Just replace the cabin filter, it doesn’t matter if its quality is good or not, otherwise change the cheap ones a few more times!

Although the price of poor quality car cabin filter is cheaper, it does not have any filtering effect! Not only can it not protect the car’s cabin filter equipment, and it does not provide any protection for the driver and passengers in the car, but also the biggest problem is that it is more likely breeding bacteria and endangering your health!

Mistake 6: The black activated carbon cabin filter is not good, it does not ventilate, I just need white one!

Good activated carbon products have good ventilation effect, and they have good filtering and adsorption properties. For example, you can choose a more environmental and healthier DC brand cabin filter to test it. The invisible tiny fungus particles must rely on activated carbon for adsorption. Now you understand the effect of white or single-layer filters!

Mistake 7: Car cabin filters quickly get dirty because of poor quality!

The high quality cabin filter has high filtering accuracy, and there is a lot of dust blocking, which is naturally dirty quickly; the poor quality filter has poor material selection, the filtering accuracy is low, and it does not perform its due filtering function. Dirty things float through the filter material into the cabin, as a result it gets dirty slowly.

Mistake 8: It is useful for cooling and useless for heating.

When air conditioner is used for cooling in summer, pollen and tiny harmful particles are likely to cause respiratory diseases due to the dry air. When the season changes in late autumn or early spring, especially when the hot wind is used in the rainy season, the filter element is prone to breed bacteria, and the cabin filter will become a source of pollution. Therefore, be sure to replace the cabin filter in time, prefer the filter with antibacterial function, which is very important for health and safety.

Mistake 9: It works for inner loop, useless for outside loop!

Car cabin filters not only work during inner circulation, but also work during external circulation, as long as the vehicle is running. When the air conditioner is not on, the vehicle will be naturally ventilated, and the air will pass through the cabin filter at the same time. Cabin filters can block harmful gases from entering the car directly from the source, protecting your health all the time.

Mistake 10: I use perfume or car fragrance products, it is alright even not to change the cabin filter.

Perfume or car fragrance products can only cover the air smell in the car, it may cause serious air pollution. Poor quality perfume is harmful to the our body. The cabin filter prevents harmful substances and harmful gases from entering the cabin from the source.

Mistake 11: During the epidemic prevention and after the epidemic situation, publicize the germs can be killed by the cabin filter!

The car owner is the consumer who trusts us the most, no matter what the purpose is, do not exaggerate the product function. There is no cabin filter that can kill germs so far. If there is, the new corona virus will not cause such a large loss. Replace to a brand product with antibacterial function and good filtering performance after cleaning and sterilizing the air conditioner. That’s enough.

Mistake 12: The air conditioner filter can be installed easily!

All filters must have good sealing performance in order to be truly 100% filtered. When some products are placed in the cabin filter frame, the gap is large, and the basic sealing performance is not available. For better filtration, you can choose a brand with a little effort to install but a full range of products with soft edging and excellent sealing performance.

Mistake 13: The car owner reports that the air conditioner will smell sour during the season change, the air conditioner needs to be cleaned by judging from that.

There are only two sources of sour smell: one is the air conditioner evaporator, the other is the cabin filter. Of course it won’t be a problem if the car owner wants to clean the air conditioner. But in fact, it is enough to help to choose an cabin filter with antibacterial function for car owner, quick and easy, saves time and money. While gaining the trust from car owners, we will not be considered over-marketing.

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