The Fifth Station Of DCPART Global Business Traveling In 2019 – Moscow MIMS Automechanika 2019

the moscow mims automechanika 2019

Time flies, it’s been two months since we attended the Russia MIMS Automechanika in August. But our enthusiasm for the Russian market has never diminished.

There is no doubt that Russia is one of the biggest market for auto parts business. Even if Russia is sanctioned, the demand for auto parts and accessories is increasing in Russia. That means the scale of Russian parts import market is gradually expanding. What makes Russia need so many auto parts? We can analyze it from three aspects. First, the market of Russia automobile sales are growth every year. That makes the auto parts replacement market demand is large. Second, Russia’s cold climate and fluctuating roads indirectly promote the replacement frequency of auto parts. Besides, the development of local auto parts enterprises in Russia is not very advanced, that can’t meet the needs of Russia’s huge market.

On the other hand, from the attitude towards Russian trade at the national level, Leaders of the two sides sent congratulatory letters to each other, hoping to open up a new stage of exchanges between the people of both countries and boost the high-level development of China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination. Since 2017, the bilateral trade volume between China and Russia has shown a rapid growth trend, bringing new impetus to Sino-Russian trade growth. The right place and the right time make the current Russia a hotly contested spot for foreign traders.

At this exhibition, our boss Leo went to the scene personally, which is enough to prove the importance attached to the Russian market. But that’s not enough. Fiona and Luda, who are responsible for our company’s major sales performance, also came to the scene.

On August 25th, Our boss Leo and our colleagues Fiona&Luda reached Moscow. Blue sky with white clouds, everything was not strange to them. Just like we mentioned before, we are familiar with Russia market. It was not first trip to Moscow.

dcer is in moscow

Before the intense exhibition work, our lovely colleagues had a period of relaxation. They visited the world-famous tourist attraction—Red square.

Red square is the oldest square in Moscow. It is not only the witness of Moscow’s history but also the pride of Moscow people. After experiencing the cultural history of Russia on the spot, we believe it can bring us closer to our Russian customers.

After that, they enjoyed the equestrian show. The Russian nation has a warrior temperament, they are brave and tenacious. This characteristic is famous all over the world. We can definitely experience this in the equestrian show.

As the elapse of time, the exhibition began. In the three days of the exhibition, people showed great attention and interest in our products, stream of customers visited our booth everyday. In addition to the new faces in the exhibition, many regular customers who have cooperated with us for a long time also came to meet us at the exhibition booth. Russian customers may make you feel not easy to close at first, but once you get familiar, you will find them so enthusiastic.

dc auto parts

The most impressive was one beautiful girl client who has worked with Yuna for long-term cooperation. She brought gifts for all of our company members. Although we were far away from home, we still felt warm. Please allow us to say thanks sincerely here. The tea is very tasty.

After three days of exhibition, Leo, Fiona and Luda were still surrounded by customers’ enthusiasm. Every day, a large number of customers who cooperated with us for several years invite them to have dinner together. We were really touched. This also shows from the side that our company treats every customer very sincerely.

But time passed quickly, the exhibition quickly ended and our boss and Fiona&Luda returned to China on 30th. Anyway, It was a wonderful business trip. We believe that we will have more harvest from this experience.

Let’s meet next year, Moscow!

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