DCATMEN is a professional manufacturer of cabin filters over 18 years.

Why DCAMTEN Ag+ cabin filter performs better?
① DCATMEN® cabin filter is a true combined filter, a rare new product with silver ion on the market,uses high-tensile long-fiber material and silver ion, which can efficiently filter dust particles
② Strictly select and use activated coconut shell carbon
“Using activated coconut shell carbon, the particles are in the size of 20*50 (mesh).Coconut shell activated carbon has many advantages ,such as
developed pore structure,
large specific surface area (specific surface area >1000 (m2/g)
strong adsorption capacity
fast adsorption speed
easy regeneration, and durability
effectively remove peculiar smell and pollen in the air and adsorb and remove harmful gases.”

③ Premium filtration,at the same time,keep high air flow
④ Adsorb tiny particles (PM2.5) up to 99.78%
⑤ Large dust containing capacity
The first PP electrostatic layer is injected charges by corona electret method, it has electrostatic adsorption function which enable it effectively adsorb tiny particles (PM2.5)

Up to 99.78% PM2.5Filtration Efficiency
Keep high air flow,purify air outside and inside the car
Good moisture resistance performance
Filter up pollen,dust,odors,harmful gases,improve driving condition