What’s negative impact the air filters will lead to after soaking

car wading

Drivers should especially pay attention to not to let the water level exceed the air inlet of the vehicle when the vehicle is wading. The air inlet is generally in front of the air filter of the car engine. Note that some models have a higher air inlet, and the wading depth will be relatively higher.

What will happen after the air filter get wet

When the vehicle is wading, vapor enter the air filter easily and will block the air holes of the filter paper then affect the air intake, so If air filters not dried in time, it may cause the vehicle to start difficultly or even fail to start.

air fiters for cars

Car air filter is mainly to filter impurities and dust in the air before it entering the engine. For most of the cars, the air intake is relatively low, that means the car’s wading depth is not deep. When the vehicle is wading, we firstly need to check the air filter and the air intake pipe to confirm whether it keep dry or get wet. If the air filter is made of inferior semi-adhesive paper, then it’s wet stiffness will be reduced when it dipping into water, and the filter paper will be easily damaged and finally breakage. There is even a risk of being sucked into the engine. The dried filter paper is easier to stick together. It will also affect the overall filtration performance and air intake.

situations after wading

The following situations may occur in the car after wading

Full fill water vapor in the engine

If the engine continues to work and intake air when the air filter is wet after wading, highly possibility that water vapor will enter the engine. We maybe hold on that there is only a little bad effect on the engine even the water vapor enter the engine, but this opinion is only reliable when there’s a little amount, But after a large amount of water vapor enters the engine cylinder, because the engine is powered by compressed air, the air is easily compressed. When water enters the cylinder, because the water is not easy to be compressed, the piston and the piston connecting rod will suffer very large force, this may cause the piston connecting rod to bend or even break, and the broken piston connecting rod may also puncture the cylinder!

water vapor in the engine

Water will be sucked into the engine

After the air filter soaked with water, the air cannot be sucked in smoothly and will maybe finally lead to fire off. This result commonly called “suppressed” by the water. When the vehicle is wading, it is extinguished. Some vehicles will start and stop automatically. Then it will cause water to enter the engine along the intake pipe, the water may enter the intake pipe and cause oil emulsification. Both base oil and additives are absolutely water-free, so if they are mixed with water, that will cause irreversible consequences further more greatly reduce the oil performance. There is a risk of aggravating engine wear, and the position of the air inlet and air filter are not always horizontal. Some vehicles use the lower air intake method to suck air from below the engine. If so, the air intake height must be significantly reduce.

water sucked into engine

After knowing this, what do you need to pay attention to ?What should I do if the car flame out because of the improper operation?

Improper operation may cause irreversible damage and expensive maintenance,

If it is a manual transmission model, we must check if the flameout is due to misuse. You can try to fire up again.

If your car is automatic transmission and flame out, then you’re suggested to call the road rescue phone directly. Most of 4S stores, tire brands, and insurance companies can provide rescue services . Please do not worry and do not try to reignite at this time if you do not want to overhaul or replace the engine.

Final protection: wading insurance

wading insurance

If your car have to wade often due to it rain a lot in your city, or there is a excessive typhoon, flood disaster, poor watering and other reasons that will threat your car’s security, you recommended to purchase wading insurance. After all, the price of this kind of insurance is not high. In case of related problems, we can minimized the risk once the unfortunate happened.

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