Broadcasting Of The Second Station Of DC Global Business Traveling – The Brazilian AUTOMEC

Automec Exhibition Center

A brief introduction to the exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Automec in Sao Paulo took place from Tuesday, 23. April to Saturday, 27. April 2019. Automec is the largest and most professional fair for auto parts, accessories, and services in Latin America. It is an ideal platform for many companies to introduce their new products and services, to watch the latest auto parts industry trends in the market and to make business contacts with potential customers. Automec attracts many exhibitors from all over the world every year. Our DC Auto Parts company attended the Automec exhibition.

dc auto parts participate the automec exhibition

Let’s have a look at some of the information on our Brazilian business trip this time.

Visiting the Brazilian local scenic spots and tasted the local cuisine must be indispensable. We arrived in Brazil two days ahead of schedule, tasted the local cuisine, knew more about the local customs and culture, enjoyed the enthusiasm of the Brazilian people, also, we visited the local famous scenic spots. We like the Brazilians very much because they are really so so enthusiastic, It was the most enjoyable experience to talk with the local people.

brazil local cuisine

Moreover, the Independence Park in Sao Paulo impressed me and made me feel shocked. If you are going to Brazil, you must visit the Brazilian Monument to Independence in the St Paul Independence Park. The Brazilian Independence Monument represents Brazil’s struggle history and is also a symbol of Brazil’s important architecture and spirit. It was established to commemorate the Brazilian people’s resistance to tyranny and their declaration of independence under the leadership of the Portuguese prince in 1822. The height of the Brazilian Independence Monument is 10 meters. The statue of the independent is carved below the monument. The base of the Independence Monument is a heart-shaped base. The whole monument is like a sword. It is inserted straight into a heart. From the monument, we can see that the Brazilian people are fighting and dissatisfied with oppression and slavery. At the same time, the statue can be seen to symbolize the Brazilian people’s passionate and energetic, and also represents the Brazilian people’s longing for independence, democracy, and freedom. You can see the below picture we took.

Before the exhibition

Our colleagues summed up all the customers who have cooperated in South America and sent them the exhibition invitation to invite them to our booth. Including the customers near to Brazil, for example, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil, etc. In order to welcome customers to visit our booth, we have prepared the gifts with Chinese characteristics for customers in advance.

During the exhibition

The customers who promised to come before the exhibition are on schedule. Among them, I was impressed by the following:

① The general manager of the famous Brazilian and Argentine filter companies also visited our exhibition. After a detailed discussion, they took some samples and decided the time of conducting audit for our factory

②Many local auto parts customers came to the our exhibition. Between our discussion, we know they usually wholesale the auto parts from their local biggest wholesaler which has the ability of clearance. Then we give them some samples they need. The customers was satisfied with our products, and they wanted to import the product by themselves and promised to place the orders from us.

③ Customers from Argentina and Peru was mainly interested in spark plugs. They talked for more than an hour and expressed their trust in our products and would consider cooperation. For the customers who come, we have presented gifts with Chinese elements, which customers like it very much.

Photographs with Clients

Ending the exhibition

Through this brazil exhibition, we not only know some information about the auto parts import market in Brazil but also know the demand for Chinese auto parts products in the Brazilian auto parts market.

The main hot-selling models in Brazil are as follows:

PH-4701, PH-5796[x], PH-5949, G-10230, PH-5548, CA-5496, PH-2870 A, CA-9410, CA10249, CA-5627, C-1191 A, PH-3614, PH-5803, 17801-21050, 17801-31120, 28113A9200, 96827723.00, 1722051BH00, 17220RB6Z00, 23390-0L041, 8-98018858-0, 04152-37010, 13367308, 036129620K, A0000903751, ME013307, 90915 10003, 986452058, 1560187706, 77010 68766, 15400PLMA02, 30750013, 7700109402.00, 03L115562, 26320-2F000, E4G16-1012040, 11427557012, 152094543R, 06L115562, 55594651, 93745801, 5410920805, 23390-0L050, 1109AN, 1109 Y2, HU 816/2X, CA 11674, 1500 A 098, 04E 129 620

Finally, we’d like to thanks for all the customers who took the time to visit us during the Automec, we believe we will have good cooperation in the future. What’s more, our Guangzhou Dacheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. will participate in the Auto Parts Import and Export Trade Fair in Dubai from June 10th to 12th, 2019. Here, customers from all over the world are invited to visit our booth. Warmly welcome!

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