Customer Reception Provided By DC During Canton Fair

customer reception during canton fair

In April, the spring rain in Guangzhou was full of vitality. The sound of Chunlei’s “rumbling” also expressed warm congratulations on the opening of the 125th China Import and Export Trade Conference (Canton Fair). The first phase (holding time: April 15, 2019 – April 19, 2019): Electronic and home appliances, lighting, vehicles and accessories, machinery, hardware tools, building materials, chemical products, new energy). As the largest trade fair in the country, China Import and Export Fair, this year’s Canton Fair attracted about 200,000 buyers from 200 countries and regions around the world. At the same time, buyers from all over the world came to us. The company-Guangzhou DC Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has also successfully received our customers from all over the world and provided them with high-quality one-stop hospitality service.

1.Hotel services

Due to the customer’s unfamiliarity with the Guangzhou hotel, before the customer arrives (notifying us when they arrive in China), our company helps the customer to book the hotel, and through the layers of screening and comparison, we have booked a clean, comfortable and affordable hotel for the customer. The customer expressed extreme satisfaction.

hotel services

2.Communication services

Because of cross-border, network and contact is very important for customers, help customers buy mobile phone cards, download VPN app, and facilitate customers’ use of social software such as Facebook, WhatsApp, VK, and help customer to understand Guangzhou.

3.Transportation services

First of all, before the arrival of the customer, we have already prepared the English version of the Guangzhou Metro map and the Guangzhou map. Due to the heavy traffic in Guangzhou during this period, we also arranged vehicles to facilitate customers’ travel. The vehicle route arranged by the company:

(1)Airport – hotel, before the arrival of the customer, the customer tells us to arrive at the airport time and arrive at the area code. Company colleagues arranged the vehicle to pick up the plane, from the airport to the hotel.

(2)Hotel – Canton Fair site, for customers who are not familiar with Guangzhou, we also arranged vehicles to facilitate customers to go to the Canton Fair site.

(3)Canton Fair – the company, for customers who come to visit the company, in order to facilitate the travel of customers, reduce customer concerns, we also arranged vehicles to travel.

(4)Canton Fair – Hotel, because the Canton Fair is crowded with people, taxis are crowded, in order to let customers leave a deep impression on Guangzhou, we also arrange vehicles to go to the reception.

Finally, for the customers who participated in the Canton Fair, we also arranged for the vehicle to go to the reception so that the customers can feel comfortable on their journey back to China.

4.Professional business services

Most of the customers came to our warehouse to inspect the goods and expressed satisfaction with our car filter products. There are also customers who come to our company to negotiate new orders. We express our warm hospitality and discuss the details of the order together. Some sites have confirmed the cooperation. There are also customers who take the opportunity to look at samples and learn about other products and expand their sales channels. At the same time, a small number of customers are looking for us to help us find reliable suppliers of other auto parts. Our company also gives strong support.

professional business services

5.Food service

Guangzhou is a “city of food”. When you come to Guangzhou, you must definitely try Guangzhou cuisine. Therefore, during the Canton Fair, we also warmly welcomed the customers who came here – the taste of Cantonese cuisine.

Finally, we give gifts to the Chinese elements of our customers and let them feel the enthusiasm of China.

Welcome all you to visit dcpart company!

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