Do You Know About Your Car Air Filter?

types of air filters for cars

How long does a car’s air filter last?

The life span of the air filter is around 20.000 kilometers, for instance, the air filters for some popular car models like the Sylphy and LaVida, are formally recommended to replace at every 20,000 kilometers. In fact, the surrounding environment does affect the service life of air filters, so highly likely we need to replace the air filters when close to 100,000km If the car is always under the circumstance of heavy foggy and dust.

car air filter replacement

Can it be cleaned up and used several times?

The air filters are better to be checked regularly because we need to assure the air filters that currently staying in our cars are clean and really efficient, the distance of run is not the only judgment to determine whether we need to change the air filters or not.

If the air filter is dirty, you can clean it up and highly possibly can continue to use it. Not every time you have to buy a new one. However, note that, regarding the adsorption, filtration, and air permeability performance, the old filters after cleaning are not as good as the new one, so It is not recommended to use exceed two times.

What practices will reduce the life span of the air filters

Wash with oil or water

The first one is to wash with oil or water. The dirt can be cleaned, but the cleaning is not to say that the water is flushing, it is enough to dry them like clothes.

Nowadays, the air filter of the car is basically made of paper. It can’t be washed with steam, diesel or water. It will not work, it will cause damage, the air permeability of the air filter will also drop, and even failure will occur.

Using the overpressure air gun to clean the air filters

The most common thing we use is to blow with an air gun and blow off this dirty thing, but the pressure of this gun is also to be noticed.

Water intake

In addition to just said, there is another water cell phone that is the same as our mobile phone. The air filter of this dry paper cannot be washed with water.

Another possibility is that the drain hole is blocked, or the cover of the other part of the car is not covered. The water penetrates into the air filter, and the light performance is degraded, but the weight is directly unusable.

What are the consequences of air filter damage?

Engine accelerated wear and carbon deposit

First of all, the engine will accelerate wear and carbon deposition. It has been experimentally done. If you remove this air filter and directly open it, the degree of wear of the cylinder, piston and piston ring will be doubled. Anyway, it is very powerful.
There is no such mask, dust directly enters this cylinder, and it is mixed with oil and gas to burn. You have to think that the gas stove is blue and burnt. If there is no air filter, it will burn like a black coal stove. The color of the smoke is the same.

Engine intake is dirty

Another is that the engine’s air intake will also be dirty. This dust does not only go inside the engine, but it may stay there.

Long-term use of this broken air filter, or even not used, then the engine has just said that there will be problems, the air intake will be dirty, not only the stomach is not good, this lung and respiratory tract will not work.

At that time, the engine didn’t feel good, and then put a new air filter on it. If the air intake is not washed, sometimes you can’t find the reason.

Do you know the air filter for car?

Follow us to know about three types of air filters for car right now.

PP injection molding air filter

DCPART PP injection molding air filter uses double filter cloth, the coarse filter layer and fine filter layer are well filtered; seal strip has no peculiar smell, good flexibility, and sealing, plastic frame size is accurate, adopts enhanced PP, cold resistance and temperature resistance Ok, there is no bad installation and noise.

Environmental friendly air filter

Environmental friendly auto air filters

The environmental friendly air filter uses the materials and processes of the car factory. The fluffy structure design is deep and dust-proof, and it is not easy to block and the service life is improved. The molding process of the main engine factory ensures that the filter material has no filtering performance during the production process, high sealing performance and moderate hardness, ensuring no deformation during use.

PU air filter

DCPART PU air filter, PU softness ensures moderate sealing, high-strength high-performance filter paper has excellent water resistance, ensures normal filtration in high humidity environment, close to the original factory fold, guarantees filtration area and performance, and the owner feels the good driving speed. Edge German edging process. One or two reinforced adhesives on the back of the mid-range model ensure that there is no reduction in the instantaneous filtration area and the service life of the product.

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