Such a best car filter manufacturer, why not choose DCPART factory?

best car filter manufacturer

DCPART is a privately owned Chinese company, which has been developed to be a professional filters manufacturer in the past 16 years. The company devotes to manufacturing car filters which applied for different car model and export to overseas. The products are ranged from air filters, cabin filters, oil filters, and fuel filters. Additionally, to meet more clients’ requirements, we started to supply car spark plugs in 2015 till now.

Each type of filters have their specialties:

1) EV Foaming Techniques

Using hot-plate foaming technology to melt the pad and adhesive and to solder the imported fiber filter paper, foaming pads are characteristic of high oil resistance and tightness. Accurate product sizes ensure a perfect fit with the middle tube.

2) Heat welding techniques

Perfect welding technology, maximizing the filtration area.

Heat welding oil filter

3) Ultrasonic welding techniques

Mahler pad, select excellent oil and temperature resistance performance.

oil filter with imported Germany paper

4) Oil filter element of flexible rubber ring

Seal rings of the ACM materials can effectively optimize the oil resistance and air-tightness.

Oil filter element of flexible rubber ring

1) With the smooth interface, easy to install and do not damage the car oil filter base.

2) The paper core was made of imported filter paper, with the strength of eco-friendly and high filtration accuracy.

3) With a long life span, and high-performance check valve.
4) Imported rubber seal ring of fantastic tightness.
5) Applying the parallel Vulcanization processing.
6) Decreasing oil consuming, protecting filter housing.

metal filter element

7) Slowing down the abrasion, and not easy to deposit the carbon.

*White synthetic fiber pollen filter

1) Application of imported HEPA technique mildew and bacteria resistance imported auto-decompose active carbon multiple technologies with less adhesive and realize seven working procedures of filtration.

2) Applying good materials, the elementary filter layer is imported European microfiber. The smell absorbing layer is imported cocoanut active cabin. The precise filter layer is a non-woven fabric. The upper precise filter layer is imported melt blowing static electricity non-woven. The support layer is imported European microfiber.

White synthetic fiber pollen filter
pollen filter filtration

*Active carbon cabin filter(auto smell purifier, smell filtration)

DC cabin filters could successfully filtrate PM2.5, purify car exhaust and CO2, will perform to filter haze, effectively to absorb formaldehyde and peculiar smell.

1) Standard folds are made to ensure the filtration area.

2) Using outstanding active carbon, compared to common active carbon, the products are characteristic of developed void space structures, large dust holding capacity and high adsorption capacity as well.

Aactive carbon cabin filter
active carbon cabin filters material
the function of cabin filter

The car air filter can effectively filtrate dust, particles, pollen, and other impurities to protect the engine and to prevent air flow meter from damaging, to ensure the safety of vehicles and people.

*PU type air filter

1) Using high-end German GESSNER paper, which provides high wet stiffness, good waterproof performance, high-precision filtration can filtrate particles (> 1-2um)

2) Stable & high-density origami, whose structure is so solid that is not easy to be deformed, with the strength of large filtration area, high dust capacity and long lifespan

3) Applying high-end PU, which are high density, anti-aging, smooth surface, flexibility, tensile and excellent recovery performance, to ensure low and high-temperature resistance will not crack and deformation and 100% seal

All kind of PU air filter
PU type air filter

*PP injection molding air filter

Using double layer filtration fabric, the elementary filter layer and precise filter layer perform well to the filtrate, the seal strip has no peculiar smell, and with the quality of good flexibility and sealing. The plastic frame has a precise dimension, it was made of enhanced PP, so can effectively proof cold and high temperature, also it has a good installation and without abnormal sound.

PP injection molding air filter
PP injection molding air filter material

*ECO air filter

Fleeciness structure creating a big capacity of dust absorbing. Not easy to jam, one step molding, high air-proof performance and also with medium hardness.

eco-friendly air filter
Eco-friendly air filter material

*The normal alloy spark plugs

1)Nickel alloy central-electrode with no difference from the original factory in quality.

2)More dependable to start up, more oil saved to work.

3)More reliable to spark, providing comfort and steady driving performance.

4)Nickle-plated housing and thread can efficiently prevent rusting.

5)Greatly improve the power delivering efficiency.

normal alloy spark plug

*Iridium spark plugs

1)Central-electrode can be sparked under low voltage.

2)Stay at the low temperature because the Iridium spark plugs can be fired under low temperature.

3)Central-electrode has a good performance to speed up, and the flame nucleus can grow well.

4)With a good capability to spark, as well as the oil property.

About DCPART Company

DCPART company is founded in Guangzhou. The city has a history of over 2,000years, which is the economy, politics and cultural center in southeast China since Qing dynasty, a major terminus of the maritime Silk Road, continues to serve as a major port and transportation hub, as well as one of China’s three largest cities. The metropolitan city is 120km northwest of Hong Kong and 145km north of Macau.

guangzhou map from dcpart

Guangzhou is a city in the high value of fair, open and inclusive, which makes the city a great platform for the economy and culture exchange between different countries all over the world. Guangzhou spirit has been blended into DCPART company philosophy. The core corporate philosophy is performed by DCPART people always:

1) Customer-centric, help our customers achieve success.

2) Professional, the company’s depth of experience across the auto parts’ industries enable us to consistently apply the knowledge meeting our customers’ most demanding challenges.

3) Focused, devoting ourselves to supplying the best quality products to our customers. 

4) Committed, live up to our promises which help to ensure that the business continues to be conducted with integrity.

5) Teamwork, it’s to help increase productivity, quality and to provide a support system for each member of the team.

6) Community Responsibility, DCPART company commits to giving back to the communities where we live and work. 

dcpart company philosophy

DCPART Company Vision And Mission

To be the most advanced car filters benchmark company worldwide. Produce international top-ranking products, promote social civilization and enhance the sense of happiness for all families.

dcpart company vision and mission

About DCPART Factory

DCPART factory is located in Xingtai city Hebei province, where is near the port of Tianjin, the largest port in Northern China and the main maritime gateway to Beijing and the port of Qingdao, which locates in South China and is one of the ten busiest ports in the world. The factory covers an area about 3000 square meters with 100 employees and a group of experienced, skilled, technical employees. The factory is equipped with high technical and testing machines, like full-auto filter pleating production line, separated paper pleating production line, full-auto knife & rotary paper pleating machine, full-auto spin-on filter assembling production line and so on.

And there are two sets of PU filter production line, three sets of injection cleaner production line, four environmental protection cleaner production line, a set of experimental equipment of vacuum cleaner and other professional production equipment.

Working under the quality management system of ISO/TS 16949:2009, we have obtained a high reputation among overseas customers by the high-efficiency filters and reasonable price. DCPART’s philosophy is to help our customers achieve success. Our customer’s wealth and success is our wealth and success.

For the customer’s affirmation and trust, we have been unremitting efforts.

Focused, Committed & Professional

customer good feedback


What product we can produce?

Are you concerned if DCPART is a trustful manufacturer who qualified with enough quality certification? Or are you still looking for an experienced supplier who can provide a complete range of auto filters and spark plugs for you?

If yes, now it’s time to welcome you to get more detail information about DCPART.

DCPART is an experienced manufacturer which focusing on car filters, over the decade, we increasingly improve the technology and expend the producing lines, until today, dcpart factory can provide a whole range of car filters covering most of the car brands around the world, for instance, automotive filters for Japanese car like TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA, MITSUBISHI, ISUZU, automotive filters for Germany car like BENZ, BMW, American car like GM, FORD, Korean car like HYUNDAI, KIA and so on.

What the strength of DCPART company?

1) Full concentration

DCPART company focuses on auto filters, through over 16 years effort, we increasingly expand our production lines, so our customers can purchase most of the car models auto filters from us.

2) Professional service and quality management

DCPART company is equipped with advanced factory and professional sales team, so we’re able to provide excellent products and service with a quite competitive price. We commit a whole quality control system that covers IQC (incoming quality control) IPQC (Input process quality control) and FQC (Final quality control). The factory is certificated ISO/TS16949 in 2012.

3) Focusing on details

A. Package design, customers can choose DC own brand package (DC or ATMEN), Customized package design is offered as well.B. Printing and label can be customized.C. Provide different material options.

4) After-sales warranty

A. ECO oil filter: 5000km, Spin on filter: 10000kmB. Air filter: 10000kmC. Cabin filter: 10000kmD. Fuel filter and diesel filter: 20000km

5) Cooperation way

OEM and ODM are available, you can also choose to be the distributorship or agency of DC and ATMEN brands.

why choose us

6) The footprint of DCPART company

Over the decade, the footprint of DC AUTO PARTS China has been covering five continents, There are thousands of customers from more than 50 countries importing car filters or spark plugs from DC. We highly treasure each customer that we are cooperating now, likewise, we are expecting to find a good way to start the business with you. The sales network is shown below:

dcpart export car filters to all over the world

2019 Planned Exhibition


Such a best car filter manufacturer, why not to contact us immediately! 

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