The Fourth Station Of DCPART Global Business Traveling In 2019 – Latin Auto Parts Expo 2019

latin auto parts expo

DC Auto parts is always trying to catch every chance to meet all the clients around the world. During a discussion, we decided to visit Panama this time and attend Latin Auto Parts Expo.

There are many reasons to choose this country. Firstly, Panama Canal is a free trading zone with zero tariffs on import and export of goods. Besides, China and Panama have formally established diplomatic relations for 2 years. Today, China has become Panama’s largest trading partner. Last but not least, Panama offers a geographical strategic and economical location where exhibitors can present their products and auto parts to the Latin American markets. Central and southern American countries will import goods through the Panama Canal, such as Honduras, Ecuador, etc. With this amazing geographical advantage, we are able to cooperate with more people.

Panama canal

After the full preparation, on July 14th(Beijing time) , our colleague Fiona left from Guangzhou International Airport in the early morning. As the China and Panama are in the different side of the earth, it took about one day on the plane.

Fiona arrived at Panama at 8:10 am on July 15th(Panama time). She should feel tried, but when she took her first breath into the fresh air of Panama city, all her tiredness suddenly disappeared. She loves this beautiful city!

Her hotel is located in Panama Square, which is closed to the center of this city. Therefore, Fiona believed that she will see the great view. The room is bright and clean. From the window, she saw the endless blue sky, tall buildings and the beautiful river.

On July 16th, Fiona reached Atlapa Convention Center and decorated the booth. Our booth number is A552.

She put oil filters, air filters, cabin filters, fuel filters and spark plugs on the display shelf. These are main products in DC Auto Parts. They are famous for high quality and reasonable price.

For example, the oil filters are used outstanding German paper as main body. It can effectively protect the engine from dirt and metal particles. Plastic and Rubber part are high temperature resistant material, which can extend product life.

oil filter meterial

For air filters, we use different type of papers for different filters. German GESSNER paper is one type of them. Providing high wet stiffness, good waterproof performance and even filtrate particle less than 2μm, are obvious advantages of it. So when the air is burning with oil, as its clearness, more oil will be saved.

Cabin filter is an important part because it’s responsible for the air that people breath in car. It silently affects the driving environment of the vehicle and the health of people. Therefore, carbon type cabin filters are more and more popular. It not only separate the dust and dirt from the air, but also the bad smell. People will enjoy a journey when they are driving.

cabin filter material

The next day, the Latin Auto Parts Expo was formally launched. Fiona was standing in front of the desk with excitement in heart. People from different countries came and went. Some of them visited our booth. Through the conversation, she learned that they are well import-experienced wholesalers. They mainly do wholesale business in free trading zone. Because cost-effective cars like Toyota and Honda are popular in central and southern America, they usually purchase normal quality with their own brand.

It’s an honor that they were fond of our samples and asked for more information. She answered all the questions patiently and clearly. Finally, they took pictures together with big smiles. Our small gift is regarded a souvenir of their friendship.

auto parts exhibition visitors

What impressed Fiona much is the local people. They are very friendly and enthusiastic. Talking with them made her feel at home. What’s more, the dancing parade in the exhibition hall is charming. Their girls are beautiful and confident.

July 19th was the end of exhibition. After cleaning up all the samples, Fiona reluctantly left the center. On 20th, she took the plane to go back Guangzhou office.

It is really an amazing trip for her to see an unfamiliar but beautiful city, and meet more people in the exhibition. What’s more, DC Auto Parts adds more clients and make more friends by this Expo. Thanks for all the support and trusting of our clients. We will improve ourselves and become your best business partner! Our next stop is Russia. We will attend MIMS Automechanika Moscow 2019 from August 26th to 29th. Our booth number is R147. Please feel free to contact us for more details. See you there!

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